The Painted Lady Bonsai Website

Located at the intersection of Market and 23rd Street, Wilmington, NC.

2010 Catalog (spreadsheet format).

Please, take a walk around our place.

I am the biggest bonsai nursery in North Carolina and have a world class selection of bonsai pots. I have hundreds of Tokonome, Houtoku, and Chinese pots. I have hundreds of mudmen and Chinese imported trees. I have many varieties of
Bull Terrorist
and the
Foo Dog
Japanese maples and many varieties of Satsuki Azaleas. I will ship for a minimum order of $100+ freight cost and guarantee that you slobber and drool over what you buy.

      I teach free classes on Saturday at 10:00 to anybody that shows up. I have 300+ finished (If there ever is such a thing) bonsai in pots and a dirth of stock plants. Bald Cypress or Robe of Feathers Pine, as the Japanese prefer to call them, are my long suit. I have private nursery grower of my 100+ Cypress trees. I sell a few books, tools, copper wire, & lime sulfur. There is no fluff at my place. I am in the Bonsai business for the duration. I bought the entire inventory of the Monastery fire in Conyers, Ga, so I have a lot of those high end pots that you've always wanted. If you have access to one of their catalogs, you can call, write or Email me for a price. I will promise you that no matter where you travel from to get here you will not be disappointed in what you find. Very few of us ever get to do what we really enjoy doing and can prosper with it. I thank God that I am one of those fortunate individuals.

Thank you for hitting my page.

Ronnie Sellers